Please Vote for Valerie Dejean for School Board May 19, 2015
My name is Valerie Dejean. Who am I?

My name is Valerie Dejean.  We (my husband and children have the last name Kennick) have been living in Greenwood Lake since 2007, when we bought a house in Indian Park.  My twins John and Jacqueline have been flourishing in the Greenwood Lake Schools and are now poised to graduate from the 8th grade as honors students.

My roots with Greenwood Lake go back much farther. I have been coming to the Lake since 1964 when my family bought a house up the road from the Castle Tavern.  I learned to swim on the next-door beach.  After my father's death and the selling of the house in 1988, Now I am back and so very pleased to be raising my children at the Lake.


I have worked around the field of education for  more than thirty-five years.

   As a professional Occupational Therapist with a specialty in Autism, Learning Disabilities, and Auditory Processing Disorders I have consulted with thousands of families in finding the appropriate education for their children.  I know what is age appropriate for children to learn and how to best do this.  This gives me a professional basis for understanding curriculum choices, special education, and the all important Common Core issues.

  I have 30 years experience in running a service-based business. Running a school is not like running a McDonalds. One needs needs a different skill set for management of service oriented organizations.  I have these skills.

Why am I running for the School Board?

  I am alarmed at  the way the current school board is under pressure from the State of New York to consolidate smaller districts into larger districts, I believe that the current BOE has the secret agenda to consolidate our elementary and middle school into Warwick.  This means that we would lose control over the education of our elementary and middle school age students.

Recent actions of the school board have left our entire community demoralized and polarized. A new Broom sweeps clean. Maybe it is time for a change.

Please Vote for me for  Greenwood Lake Board of Education.
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jacqueline kennick

Valerie has two children who currently attend Greenwood Lake Middle School. They are pictured above at an earlier age.
They are in Band, Jazz Band, Odyssey of the Mind, NJHS and recently appeared in Annie, a GWL production. John Kennick (right) plays baseball for the GWL Middle School varsity team. Jacqueline Kennick is in Girl Scouts (Valerie Genter's troop) and takes Ballet with Hannah Kerrigan at M'Lanie Hunter Dance..

john kennick

click here to see Valerie featured on World News Tonight, Katie Couric picture to see Valerie on Today Show


With Jacqueline's Ballet teacher Hannah Kerrigan at a recent performance of Annie at the Middle School

click here to see Valerie featured on World News Tonight, Katie Couric picture to see Valerie on Today Show


stop squandering money

About Valerie Dejean::

Valerie was born and grew up summers in Greenwood Lake in he Sterling Forest area on the East Shore in her childhood and teen years.
(She now lives on the west shore in Indian Park). She attended Boston University and graduated as an occupational therapist. She worked in schools and hospitals while seeking to learn about sensory integration, at that time a new direction in Occupational Therapy.

  She worked for the Washington DC schools and eventually went into business for herself in the the
Washington DC area. There she discovered the Tomatis Method, which she has since employed for 25 years in the treatment of autistic children and others on the auditory processing spectrum.

 She has seen 2000 children on the autistic spectrum and has seen the good and bad effects of the New York state educational system. As to the school system spending, and squandering millions of dollars on new computers and xerox machines, Valerie is against this. "IF IT AINT BROKE, DONT FIX IT", she says, albeit ungrammatically.


Valerie has been a guest on the TODAY SHOW with Katie Couric (in 2003) and on WORLD NEWS TONIGHT with Peter Jennings in 1997 discussing her work with autistic children. see internet: Her children John Kennick (2 minuted older) and Jacqueline Kennick performed in the middle school plat Annie She believes she is qualified to run for school board because of her professional experience.


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  Day Job:

Valerie Dejean is  Tomatis Method Therapy consultant and practitioner at the Spectrum Center (owned and operated by Valerie Dejean) in Tuxedo Park, NY.  She has many clients on the autistic spectrum and specializes in treating  children with sensory processing disabilities.


With Jacqueline's Ballet teacher Hannah Kerrigan at a recent performance of Annie at the Middle School